Monday, 20 November 2017

Reading for information

To support our inquiry we have been learning to research using keywords.  Using our notetaking skills we then record relevant information and reorganise this using a variety of maps.

The next step is to summarise what we have learnt and make connections.

Mahika - 'Crabs have predators like birds and jellyfish.  One way the stay safe is by moving fast over land and having a hard shell over their body. '

Arina - 'The main predators of the seastar are snails and sea turtles.  If they are unlucky to be grabbed by a predator they are forced to detach an arm.  Fortunately they grow a new one.'

Daniel - 'The mussels predators are starfish, crabs and strong currents can cause trouble too.  Their hard shell helps protect the soft insides and their strong foot helps them to suction onto rocks when the water is strong.'

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