Friday, 29 September 2017


This term we had lots of fun learning about body position, balance and control at our Taekwondo kiwisport sessions.

In writing we then wrote to describe being at Taekwondo using our senses.

At taekwondo we have lots of moves like punching and kicking.  I am good at the kicking and can hit the pad hard.  Nimit

"Come on punch! yelled Sir.  So I struck my fist on the black soft pad and kept on punching until I couldn't punch anymore.  Finally it was my partners turn.  His strike was good and  I was pushed backwards.   Alisha

I walk into the hall and our taekwondo leader (Sir) tells us to line up and turn.  I turn to discover my buddy for the day.  As I punch the pad my hand begins to ache.  I hope I didn't break any of my bones.  While I hold the pad my buddy rapidly punches it.  Luckily the pad is soft.     Zayn

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  1. I like the way that Alisha put a ! mark after sir said " Come on punch.